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An air curtains controls stream of air by keeping cold air out in winter and conditioned air in during summer. With its powerful motor or blower it helps to stop the infiltration of pollutants and flying insects. This is especially important in stores that have food or other consumables. It is suited for big showrooms, supermarkets, jewelers showrooms, shopping malls, etc.

It separates different environments while allowing a smooth, uninterrupted flow of people, vehicles and unobstructed vision through the opening. It provides sizable energy savings and increased personal comfort when applied in industrial or commercial settings. Air curtain fluid handling systems may be either as a mobile unit that can be moved to the position required to capture the air flow, or may be fixed to a wall or ceiling, though some units are fixed to the ground in a fixed position. Air curtains are an alternative to vacuums in using small volumes of the contaminated air and the flow generated to remove odors, particulate matter, dust, bacteria and viruses that contaminate the air.

Benefits of air curtains include :

  •   Consumption of less energy
  •   Higher HVAC efficiency
  •   Ensures an optimal comfort level
  •   Cost-effective air-flow equipment

Specification of air curtains:

In terms of efficiency, the bifacial air curtain is less efficient compared with the double-ended air curtain due to its smaller air volume per unit of surface area and its absence of damping of airflow. In order to meet the ratio constraint in regards to air duct effectiveness, it is important to have uniform distribution of air entering and exiting the air curtain, regardless of its end position.

By : DNS Business Solutions 06-01-2017