How do you use a Fly Insect Catcher

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Flycatcher machine

Flycatcher is an essential machine to solve the insect's problem, it efficiently traps the flying insects by attracting them to the light, and then they all stuck to these glue boards or electric girds. these are the more useful compared to traditional insect catchers. Also, electric insect killer machine that all are most of used in shops, warehouses, manufacturing industry, and farms.


Flycatcher for food safety

flies don’t have teeth they don’t eat your food but they spit on your food that causes dangerous and makes your food dirt and unhealthy. so to protect your food most of the hotels and restaurants use these flycatchers also for homes so as we discussed above a Flycatcher is an essential device because it is a very effective way to trap insects. when flycatcher machines are on then they attract the insects and get stuck in glue boards or the electric girds.


Advantages of using flycatchers:

here comes the most important part of flycatcher fragmented body outlet of the insects are not go out of the atmosphere or surrounding in the environment, also these are very easy to use and operate and also easy to carry out and these flycatchers are used in many restaurants.


How to use the machine?

The repellent is low on maintenance and to use the insect killer, all you have to do is plug the insect killer or trap machine in a USB or electric board and you can see the result within a couple of minutes about how insects are attracting to the trapped insect killer machine. after some time, you can see the dead flies are in the tray and you can through them out.


How electric killers work?

1.       Using single-phase electric tubes attract the insect or flies.

2.       high voltage electric electrocutes them with tubes.

3.       dead flies are collected in an easily removable tray.


Why should we need to use insect killers?

1.       To avoid disposables.

2.       uses less power.

3.       budget-friendly.

4.       easy to maintain.

5.       Eco-friendly.

6.       Safe to use.

7.       Does not harm or dangers to anyone.