PVC Strip Curtains

Written by DNS Business Solutions On 17-12-2020 04:12:17 | 0 Comments

PVC strip curtains are used to separate two areas, Maybe those two areas are different departments of a warehouse, a cold area and a room-temperature area (as in a food production industry), or inside/outside, PVC strip curtains offer the benefit of being able to allow the efficiency of a door with the convenience of not having to open or close it. PVC strip curtains are almost used at loading docks to prevent the escape of conditioned air, which can help in keeping debris outside. They are also used in warehouses or factories to separate different work areas, and for the convenience of the machineries like forklifts or other vehicles don’t have to physically open the gate to access another area of the workplace. Some regular places you can see PVC strip curtains installed are:

  • Food processing plants
  • Shipping plants
  • Factories
  • Restaurants
  • Grocery storage rooms
  • Auto body shops

Benefits of PVC Curtains

Temperature Control: PVC Strip Curtains are a great way to cut down on your heating costs as well as reducing the risk of spoilage and frost build-up on machinery.

Restricts the movement of contaminants:  It will help you to maintain a clean and professional environment by preventing the migration of contaminants such as dust, smoke, dirt and fumes throughout the workplace.

Keep the pests out: For people who work in the food sector it is crucial to keep the pests out of their premises to prevent damage to their stock. By installing PVC Strip Curtains you can create a reliable barrier against pests such as flies, birds and mosquitoes.

Prevent noise pollution: Noise pollution, such as machinery, in the workplace, can be distracting and even affect your employee's wellbeing. you can isolate the noisy areas and boost staff concentration.

Budget friendly: If you’re a business on a budget, then these curtains are the perfect solution for you. They enable you to add protection to your premises at a lower cost than industrial doors.

No disruptions to workflow: One of the greatest advantages of PVC Strip Curtains is that they can be easily walked through. We can easily move large machinery and equipment.

Super-durable: PVC Strip curtains are also known for their incredible durability, which is one of the main reasons why they are so popular in the industry. PVC curtains are manufactured to withstand regular wear and tear from frequent foot traffic and warehouse equipment passing through. They can also endure a large amount of stress before stretching or breaking.

Comfort in the workplace: With temperature and noise pollution under control and the benefits of natural light beaming through your durable PVC Strip Curtains, employee comfort will be at an all-time high. The increase of comfort and ease will contribute to boosting the team morale amongst your staff and ultimately, increase in production rates.

Low maintenance: Unlike industrial doors they do not require any moving parts or electricity, therefore reducing the chances of them breaking down. This will result in spending very less on maintenance cost to keep these curtains going.

Transparent: Transparent curtains are hugely beneficial for preventing accidents and collisions at work. Employees will be able to see what’s on the other side of the curtain, enabling them to sense any risks of danger.