Types of PVC Strip Doors And Their Benefits

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Anti Insect Amber Pvc Strip Curtain:

Anti Insect Amber PVC strip shade is a perfect solution for anyplace where insects aren't greet. Anti Insect Amber PVC strip blind made with an uncommonly figured anti-agents material that wards off insects. Sanitation experts are exceptionally worried about the cleanliness states of food and drug handling areas.

Benefits :

 * Anti Insect Amber PVC Strip Curtain is accessible in Yellow and Orange shading. This is the main shading accessible in insect proof. It produces uncommon light which dissipates creepy insects.
 * It can prevent the open area where flying insects are a pest.
 * It can use at the back doors of restaurant.
 * It can be customized for the purpose of manufacturing and commercial locations.

Polar Freezer Pvc Strip Curtain:

Polar PVC strip blind packs are perfect for doorways and commercial walk in freezers and refrigerated vehicles, to guarantee that thermal energy loss is limited, thus reduced energy bills. The strip Curtains can be utilized in temperatures as low as - 40 degrees Celsius.These specific strip curtains are intended to be versatile in low temperature applications, while preventing loss of any cold air from nature secured by the polar strip blinds.


* The installation of Polar PVC door strips reduces debris such as dust, insects and birds from entering and potentially contaminating controlled food storage areas.
* Polar Pvc Strip Curtain  is to easy to install.
* Polar Freezer Pvc stripm Curtain reduces any potential damage during installation.
*  It also ressitance the chemical and scraped area.

Double Ripped Pvc Strip Curtain:

The unique full rib structure of these strips gives the rib a chance to bit take the effect of truck and forklift traffic. This prevents scratching and tearing just as oil and grime develop. The one of a kind rib configuration keeps the strips cleaner, hence enabling them to be helpful longer.


*Double Ripped PVC strip Curtain are suitable to use in the temperatures between -15°C and +50°C. 
*These Strip Curtain will help with temperature control or residue rejection between various territories of a stockroom or works suite without blocking access.
*Appropriate for the doors where there is a successive development of machines, trolleys other manufacturing equipment.

Welding Grade Pvc Strip Curtain:
 A welding PVC strip blind guarantees that employees are remained careful from dangers engaged with welding. They can minimise the danger of 'welding flash' and have been uncommonly intended for use in welding narrows. These hard core green strip shades make a protective screen against UV rays.


 *Welding Grade Pvc Strip Curtain are used for enviournmental separation.
 *Welding Curtains are typically manufactured with welding grade material which filters the light, block and absorbs ultra violet rays.

PVC Strip Curtain Rolls:

These pvc strip rolls have used in various areas like Warehouses, Textile Industry, Automobile, Pharmaceuticals, Engineering, Food Processing, Cold Storage / Freezer Rooms, Hotels, Kitchens, Airports, Welding Bays, Printing / Publishing Units, Manufacturing Industries, Restaurants, Fertilizer Plants, Food Packing Units, Loading Docks, Automobile Industries, Biological Labs, Chemical Industries, Pharmaceutical Industries, Bio-Technology Lab, Research And Development Centers , Water Treatment Plants, Bakery, Milk Dairies, Air Conditioned Halls, etc

*Pvc Strip Curtain Rolls improves workplace safety.
*It reduces pests.